Pre-K child care program


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We help young minds take flight. We believe your child’s potential is truly endless, and by celebrating their individuality and special talents as they learn, we empower them to soar to new heights. Seeing your child succeed in their education is so fulfilling that we want to nurture that feeling as they establish positive learning habits for lifelong success.

Pre-K childcare program

Curriculum for growing Pre-K learners.

Pre-K is a time of major growth. Our goal is to stimulate that growth through our comprehensive curriculum by nurturing cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Every day is a vibrant blend of exploration, creativity and critical thinking. Every moment your child spends at our school is another opportunity to ensure they are well-prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

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Your child’s day of exploration.

Your pre-K kid is ready to learn! And at Childcare Network, they’ll have fun doing it throughout the day. We provide your child the space to explore and continue their individual development, the structure to guide them through the day, and a strong educational foundation to build upon. Our joyful and engaging pre-K experience sparks a love for learning and sets the stage for future academic success.


Celebrating learning milestones.

Our HighReach Learning curriculum programs are thoughtfully designed to foster age-appropriate development by embracing the wonders of exploration, investigation and delightful play! We celebrate each child’s growth by setting typical developmental milestones as goals during these precious early years. You can trust that we will nurture your child’s individual journey, providing a supportive environment where they can flourish, creating countless cherished moments.

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Development/Emergent Literacy

  • Associates sounds with written words
  • Identifies at least 10 letters of alphabet
  • Writes name and familiar words


  • Can match, sort and regroup items
  • Makes comparisons between objects
  • Understands over, under, behind, etc.

Learning About the World/Science

  • Participates in simple investigations
  • Begins to predict results based on past experiences
  • Collects, describes and records information

Social Emotional Development

  • Expresses growing confidence in abilities
  • Increasing ability to compromise with others
  • Greater knowledge of community

Approaches to Learning

  • Eager to learn about new ideas
  • Maintains concentration despite distractions
  • Increased ability to find more than one solution to a question or problem

Physical Health Development

  • Throws, catches and bounces balls
  • Growing independence in personal hygiene
  • Uses pencils, markers and paintbrushes with increased control

Free Pre-K Programs at Childcare Network

Some of our schools in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina offer state-sponsored prekindergarten programs for children that are four years of age by the required deadline, as determined by each state. To participate in these programs, providers must meet rigorous standards that include teacher credentials, classroom standards, curriculum requirements, and much more. In order to participate in these programs, your family must meet the state eligibility requirements and follow a detailed application process. Demand for these programs sometimes exceeds the available classroom space, so parents are encouraged to enroll early to secure their slot for the upcoming academic year.

Childcare Network is proud to be able to offer these programs to our parents in some of our schools. To learn more about the program in your state, choose an option below or search for a school near you here.

Financial Assistance

Pre-K Readiness Summer Program

As you and your pre-k child are getting ready for the next step in their educational journey, let us help you get a head start! Jumpstart is our 10-week summer program ensures your child feels comfortable, confident, and prepared for kindergarten. Our curriculum focuses on essential academic and developmental skills, providing a well-rounded foundation for your child’s future success.

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Hear from Happy Parents

Kelly – Elon, NC

I really love it here. Prior to my son attending here he would cry going to his previous daycare no stop. Here he loves going so much. The teachers and all staff are so kind . I couldn’t ask for a better place for my child. Apart from all this my son has has issues with his speech and has improved so much while attending here. I feel blessed to have such an amazing daycare for my son.

Sara – Evans, GA

We have been very pleased with the overall experience with the facility and staff. Even when short-staffed, they worked with us to ensure that all children were taken care of. I always feel welcome when entering, and I am thankful for the love that they show my two daughters each and every day!

Tana – Marietta, GA

I’m very pleased with the facility my child attends. They are very caring and they keep the facility very clean. I love the way they decorate and coordinate everything. The staff are very attentive to our needs.

Prepare your Pre-K child for kindergarten and beyond.

Your Pre-K child will learn lifelong habits for success in our program. Our caring educators will celebrate their individuality while nurturing their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. We will ensure that your child is well-prepared for kindergarten and a bright academic future beyond.

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