Infant Packing List

First Day Checklist

Most Childcare Network locations provide the following amenities. Please confirm these items with your school’s director. There is a printable version of this list here.

What Childcare Network provides:

Crib sheetsCrib sheets are changed, washed and provided daily for your baby when they are in our care.
FormulaMost Childcare Network locations provide Similac formula. If you wish to use a different formula, please see Formula and Breast Milk below in the What To Pack list for the requirements.
Baby Food & CerealOur schools provide rice cereal, milk and baby food for children that have transitioned to eating food. You will not need to provide any additional food.
Bowl and SpoonAge-appropriate eating utensils are provided by our schools for children that are eating baby food and cereal.
Daily Activity ReportChildcare Network will provide you with a Daily Activity Report, through our parent engagement app, telling you about your baby’s day.
BibsChildcare Network will provide clean bibs for your child’s needs.

What to pack for your Infant:

DiapersWe request that you bring diapers in bulk for your child’s first day and we will alert you when it is time to replenish their supply. It is better to have too many than not enough, so we suggest 8-10 per day.
WipesPack a full container initially and bring a refill package and we will follow-up to replenish them as needed when they run out. 
PacifiersIf your child uses a pacifier, we recommend keeping 2 at Childcare Network to ensure there is always one on-hand if your child needs comforting. Please label each pacifier with your child’s name or initials with a non-toxic marker.
ClothingSend your child with two or three outfits initially, sealed and labeled in a bag. We will send home any soiled clothes to be replaced as needed. Include socks in addition to different weather appropriate clothing. Your child will be spending time both indoors and outdoors, so they’ll need to be comfortable all day.
BottlesEach day pack enough bottles for the time your child will be at Childcare Network and an extra in the event of an emergency. Each bottle must be labeled with the first and last name of your baby. If you are providing your own formula or breast milk, see below.

Formula and Breast Milk – If you are breastfeeding or decide to use a formula other than the Similac, you will need to prepare and send each of your child’s bottles for the day labeled with your child’s full name, contents, and date. We recommend placing pre-made bottles in a sealed bag to prevent leakage. Childcare Network staff cannot make any formula that they do not provide at the school. We will send home all bottles at the end of each day to wash and remake.
Diaper Rash Cream and OintmentIf you are providing rash cream for your child, you must fill out a medication form provided by Childcare Network and store the labeled cream in a sealable bag.

Helpful tips and reminders

Label Everything

Permanent markers may work fine for labeling plastic bags, diaper boxes or wipe containers, however for items that will come in contact with your baby, purchase a non-toxic marker. Label makers, masking tape or painter’s tape are also useful for labeling bottles, while you may want to use iron on labels for clothes and bibs. Label bottles before you store them in the refrigerator; otherwise you will have difficulty writing on them.

Complete Required Forms

You may have submitted these forms in advance, if not, the following forms are needed on the first day: Feeding Form, USDA Application, Shot Record and Medication Form (if applicable).


Remember that your baby is not only here for care while you are at work, but also to develop their mind and skills. Here are some developmental milestones you can look forward to in their first year.

Find the care that will help your child thrive.

As your child is learning and growing throughout the day, you can depend on us to provide a safe, encouraging environment. Giving parents peace of mind and children a place to thrive is what we do best!

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