We are thrilled to welcome new members to our growing community while cherishing the dedication and fulfillment of our existing schools. As educators, caregivers, and compassionate entrepreneurs, we value your legacy and are committed to continuing your impactful work. Whether you’re exploring new opportunities or considering retirement, together we can shape a bright future and provide a great start for the young minds we nurture and develop.

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Our Value to You

Selling your school is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You deserve a partner that is able to protect and preserve your legacy. Our five pillars of performance guide everything we do.

Stability Pillar


A strong financial position and the ability to invest for the long term.

Safety Pillar


Our first and most important job is to protect the children in our care.

Education Pillar


An award winning proprietary curriculum that focuses on the whole child, empowering their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Inclusivity Pillar


A deep dedication to serving families that need affordable care.



Our commitment to continuous improvement and state quality rating systems.

How we can build upon your legacy.

In becoming a part of Childcare Network, we will honor and build upon your legacy, carrying forward the exceptional care and educational impact you have provided to countless children and families. Our collaborative approach ensures that your school’s unique strengths and values are preserved while benefiting from the support and resources of a larger community dedicated to nurturing young minds.

Toddler Child care program

See our acquisition process

From the first step to the transition, here’s how straightforward our acquisition process really is.

contact us

1. Contact

Take the first step by providing us with some basic information about your school.

phone interview

2. Interview

Our team will schedule a confidential interview to learn more about your goals.


3. Tour

After our initial conversation we will visit your school to help inform our offer.


4. Valuation

Using the data you have provided plus that which we collect through our own independent research – we will determine a fair market value for your school.


5. Transition

Working together we will develop a detailed timeline, finalize legal documents, and prepare for the announcement.

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