Infant child care program

Infant Daycare Program

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Infancy is a tender, remarkable time of growth and development in your child’s life, and we’re so honored to be there with you and your infant from the beginning. We know that being apart from your infant and trusting others to care for them can be difficult, but we’re here to support the transition and make it as smooth as possible. We’re here to give you the peace of mind knowing your child is in caring, dedicated hands that will nurture and protect them.

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Curriculum designed for big development in little learners.

For infants, our educators act as magic-makers and wonder-weavers. We create a nurturing, interactive, and joyful environment for your infant that involves sensory, motor, and social explorations to encourage development. By combining our heartfelt, loving atmosphere with leading infant research on mental development, we’ve created the perfect place for your child to learn and grow.

Infant Child Care

Your child’s day of encouragement and development.

Our experienced caregivers recognize the importance of each interaction and the opportunities they represent to foster an infant’s cognitive and social development. We provide a caring space where infants can learn and grow through exploration and experience. Our educators will encourage your child through activities like talking, reading, singing, tummy-time and even by incorporating American Sign Language into their daily routines. Your child’s teachers will be responsive to each infant’s individual needs and daily routines, partnering with you every step of the way.


Celebrating learning milestones.

Our HighReach Learning curriculum programs are thoughtfully designed to foster age-appropriate development by embracing the wonders of exploration, investigation and delightful play! We celebrate each child’s growth by setting typical developmental milestones as goals during these precious early years. You can trust that we will nurture your child’s individual journey, providing a supportive environment where they can flourish, creating countless cherished moments that fill your heart with joy.

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Development/Emergent Literacy

  • Experiments with sounds and babbling, building language skills
  • Uses voice to express feelings
  • Uses speech-like sounds; may begin to say words


  • Exhibits some sense of size, color and shape recognition of objects in immediate environment
  • Understands objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen
  • Stacks toys/objects

Learning About the World/Science

  • Explores the world around them through their senses
  • Begins to explore food with hands
  • Becomes more aware of cause-and-effect relationships

Social Emotional Development

  • Begins learning self-regulation and soothing skills
  • Differentiates between known people and strangers
  • Plays more interactively with others (peek-a-boo)

Approaches to Learning

  • Focuses and reaches for objects
  • Begins developing problem-solving skills
  • Enjoys repetition of activities, practicing and figuring out how things work

Physical Health Development

  • Rolls over, grasps with both hands and begins to sit with assistance
  • Builds large muscles through crawling and standing
  • Walks with adult support; may begin to walk alone

Additional Information Section

Partnering with parents

While your child is with us, you can be sure that they’re being looked after and cared for by the kindest and most loving educators a parent could hope for. We feel so honored when parents trust us with their infants, and we show what that trust means to us by keeping you as involved as you want to be in your infant’s day. Our convenient mobile app invites you to check-in on your child’s day by providing updates directly to your device.

Preparing for your first day

Once your baby joins our loving community, we’re here to support you every step of the way as you prepare for their exciting first day. If you have any questions or concerns about their specific needs, our dedicated team is available to provide guidance and reassurance. We also provide infant parents with a comprehensive First Day Packing List, highlighting the amenities we provide and suggesting what you may want to bring.

Hear from Happy Parents

Sharonda – Raleigh, NC

The team here is awesome we are treated like family I feel as if they really love my baby. We moved here with no family and Ms.E has been great with helping us.

Maria – Burleson, TX

The staff here is amazing! From the front desk to the teachers to the director. Everyone really cares for the children and make you feel like family. The children have a good and caring structure.

Find the care that will help your child thrive.

As your child is learning and growing throughout the day, you can depend on us to provide a safe, encouraging environment. Giving parents peace of mind and children a place to thrive is what we do best!

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