Childcare Network provides each student with healthy meals every day.


It’s not enough for us to feed your child’s mind, we want to feed their tummy, too! We understand the importance of nourishing your little ones with meals that are both healthy and delightful. We take pride in crafting nutritious and delicious lunches that parents can trust. It brings us immense joy when your child not only enjoys our meals but excitedly shares their love for them with you. We strive to create balanced menus that foster a sense of warmth and comfort, like the love you put into your home-cooked meals. We believe that cultivating a positive relationship with food is vital for your child’s growth, and rest assured, we are dedicated to accommodating any dietary needs they may have.

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Delicious food and great starts make us smile.

Our educators act as your child’s friendship-facilitators, fostering strong connections to others and helping your child see mealtimes as social times to create a sense of belonging and community. We serve meals with a family-style table setting to provide a comforting, supportive environment so your child can grow even when they’re taking a break from classroom learning.

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How we feed your child.

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Infant Feeding

We go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of infants when it comes to feeding. Whether your infant requires nursing, bottle-feeding, formula, or introduction to solids, our caring team will work closely with you to follow your preferred feeding method and ensure a seamless transition. We provide a nurturing environment that supports and respects the feeding choices of each family, promoting the health and well-being of every infant in our care.

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We take great care to ensure all children can grow happily and healthfully in our care and that means creating a safe space from food allergens. All of our menus are created with food safety in mind, but if you know of a specific food allergy your child has, please let us know during enrollment so that we can accommodate their needs.

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Dietary Restrictions

We understand the importance of addressing dietary restrictions for children. Whether it’s due to cultural, religious, or personal preferences, our dedicated team works closely with parents to ensure that each child’s dietary needs are met, providing alternative options and customized meal plans to support their specific requirements and ensure their well-being.

Ensure your child’s growing mind gets good nutrition.

We work hard to provide healthy meals your child will love. From nursing and bottle-feeding to formula and solids, our dedicated team will help your child form a positive relationship with food and mealtime, all while considering food allergies and dietary restrictions.

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