School Break Care

School break child care

School Break Care

Trusted Child Care for Elementary Students for Every Season

Breaks are beneficial to your student, but so is continuing their growth in a safe, dynamic and fun environment. During our school break programs, our dedicated team provides a nurturing and engaging opportunity for children to build upon who they are and what they’ve learned. With a blend of structured activities, free play and exciting outings, we ensure every child has a fun and memorable experience during their time off from school. Our curriculum is designed to foster social connections and encourage exploration so children can thrive and make the most of their time out of the classroom.

school break childcare

Inspiring Curiosity and Creativity Beyond the Classroom.

Learning should be fun and time away from school is supposed to be, too! Our curriculum is carefully designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity and promote holistic development. Through a variety of hands-on activities, field trips and projects, we empower children to explore their interests, build new skills and create lasting memories with their peers. On school breaks, we’re here to help your child laugh, smile AND learn.

School Break Childcare program

Unlock the Wonders of Winter Weather!

Join us to embark on an exciting learning adventure during school Winter Break! In addition to festive winter fun all month long, our Young Achiever’s will embark on an engaging adventure to unravel the science behind winter phenomena like snowstorms, frost, and freezing rain. Our Winter Weather Science Camp blends hands-on experiments and interactive activities to kindle a passion for meteorology and science.

winter break camp

Spring, Summer & Winter

Our top priority is to give your child a great start in life. It’s an honor that we get to pursue our passion and be a part of your child’s educational journey beyond the confines of the traditional school schedule.

Each of our school break programs offers a unique and enriching experience. During spring break, children can embrace the awakening of nature through outdoor adventures, individual exploration and seasonal education. It’s also an exciting opportunity to get a sneak peak into 5 of the upcoming themes for summer camp. Our Adventure Summer Camp program features 13 weekly themes, featuring a variety of carefully organized activities, field trips, and creative arts to ignite their imagination and keep them engaged. As winter arrives, our program brings the magic of the season to life with holiday-themed activities and cozy indoor activities that foster a sense of warmth and togetherness. No matter the time of year, our school break programs provide children with unforgettable moments of joy, growth and exploration.

School-break care where your child can laugh and learn.

Spring, summer and winter, our school-break programs offer enriching experiences with a blend of structured activities, free play, and exciting outings. Give your student the chance to explore their interests, build new skills and make lasting memories, all while continuing to learn and grow.

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