Three year old child care


Pre-Kindergarten Prep Academy

Our educators are passionate about creating an environment where your child can flourish. As curiosity-curators, they guide and encourage three-year-olds to use their boundless curiosity in a fun and educational way. By focusing on creativity, exploration, and meaningful connection, we can foster their development and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. We’ll make sure they are socially, emotionally and academically ready for pre-K.

Childcare for three year olds

Curriculum for three-year-olds with passionate potential.

Our proprietary curriculum for three-year-olds is the ultimate curiosity-captivator crafted to make sure your three-year-old is fully prepared for pre-k. Three-year-olds are primed and ready to embrace essential skills and abilities, and our educators are ready to guide them along their journey. These little learners have so much energy and passion, and we love channeling all of that boundless potential into a sturdy foundation for the formal education upon which they are about to embark.

Financial Assistance

Your child’s high-energy day.

Our enthusiastic educators bring rhythm to your three-year-old’s day. They provide just enough of a scheduled routine for your little learner to find their courage and forge ahead to learn on their own schedule. Between story time, language skills and collaborative problem solving, your child will be happy to come back every day and make individual strides in their enriching educational journey.

Celebrating learning milestones.

Our HighReach Learning curriculum programs are thoughtfully designed to foster age-appropriate development by embracing the wonders of exploration, investigation and delightful play! We celebrate each child’s growth by setting typical developmental milestones as goals during these precious early years. You can trust that we will nurture your child’s individual journey, providing a supportive environment where they can flourish, creating countless cherished moments.

Development/Emergent Literacy

  • Answers simple questions about a story, rhyme, or song
  • Communicates through scribbling
  • Speaks in longer sentences


  • Can count to 10 and beyond
  • Learns patterns and series of objects
  • Knows written numbers represent quantity

Learning About the World/Science

  • Uses objects in a variety of ways
  • Can notice differences in results
  • Uses tools and measuring devices to explore

Social Emotional Development

  • Eager to help with chores
  • Begins to cooperate with others
  • Increased ability to follow rules

Approaches to Learning

  • Makes independent choices
  • Becomes more imaginative and inventive
  • Participates in a wider variety of experiences

Physical Health Development

  • Increased coordination to use scissors, hole punch
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Points to body parts on self when named

Hear from Happy Parents

Heather – Evans, GA

We have had both of our children enrolled here at different times. They still ask about our eldest, who no longer attends! They make a lasting relationship with the families here and are super easy to work with. Our youngest is constantly progressing and learning new things thru their curriculum. We are thankful for the support and attention they provide.

Joel – Wilmington, NC

It’s a great experience to be able to drop my kids off in the morning and know that they are not only being taken care of by wonderful teachers, fed by an amazing cook, but taught. The school is lead by admin who truly care and you can see the heart they put into it because it trickles down through the teachers to the children.

Jeysika – High Point, NC

My Experience Has Been Amazing My Son Has Been Attending Since The Age Of 1 And All Of His Teachers Have Been Exceptional Regarding Communication, My Son’s Developmental Skills And Potty Training! Even The Admin Area Has Been Awesome As Well!

Mariah – Columbus, GA

I love how my daughter goes to school and come home what to demonstrate what she learned in class that day.

Roxann – Mustang, OK

I absolutely love our teachers and the whole staff at our school. They are wonderful people and truly love what they do. I can see the love they show to my child and it means the world to me.

Zaniyah – High Point, NC

We were very hesitant about placing our daughter in daycare but the teachers and staff has always made sure to welcome us and our daughter in the center, making her comfortable with everyone. Our daughter comes home daily with new things she has learned and stories about her day. She loves everyone at the center.

Yomi – Smyrna, GA

The ladies go above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter has grown and is thriving due to the teaching and training of the staff

Find the care that will help your child thrive.

As your child is learning and growing throughout the day, you can depend on us to provide a safe, encouraging environment. Giving parents peace of mind and children a place to thrive is what we do best!

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