Bright Baby (Infants) Each infant classroom is designed to develop physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills for babies between the ages of six weeks and twelve months. Learn More. Smart Steps (Toddlers) This program builds on the fine & gross motor skills being developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive settings. Learn More. Ready2Learn (Twos) Our two year old program fosters the critical relationship building that occurs at this age, supporting intellectual and social development. Learn More.
PreKPA (Threes) Three year olds spend a great deal of time observing the world around them. Our program uses this opportunity to focus on academic readiness skills. Learn More. KPA (Pre-K) Our Pre-K programs provide classroom support materials, family connection components, and easy-to-understand strategies for putting it all together and achieving school readiness. Learn More. School Age (Young Achiever's Club) School children ages 5 to 12 years old enjoy their 'out of school' time at our Young Achiever's Club and Adventure Summer Camp. Learn More.

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