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Magical things happen after a child celebrates their first birthday. Once a vulnerable infant, this young toddler is now ready to take on the world. Our Smart Steps Toddler Academy is designed to accommodate all these exciting milestones and foster this new-found independence.

Building Confidence in Toddlers

This program builds on the fine and gross motor skills being developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive setting.

Developing Learning Skills in Toddlers

Teachers listen attentively, talk through routines, and are sensitive to the types of activities that engage the child's attention to cultivate new, complex thinking skills. Teachers work closely with families about developmental accomplishments and prepare daily progress reports.

From Nerita, toddler teacher, Texas…

“One of my favorite moments during any day in my toddler classroom is that moment when a child realizes there is something new on the shelf. I try and add something special and unique to our classroom every day, to keep the environment fresh and the children engaged. It may be a new car in the block center, a new curriculum poster on the wall, or a new musical book in the library. But no matter what the new toy is… when a toddler realizes there is something new to explore, her eyes light up and her smile spreads across her face. When a toddler is encouraged to embrace her curiousity and try new things, it builds self-confidence and creativity. With confidence and creativity, the toddlers and I discover new ideas, new skills, new talents, new favorites – the light in their eyes shines brighter and the smiles get bigger and bigger. It’s all in a day in a Childcare Network toddler room.”

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