Developmental Milestones

All HighReach Learning curriculum programs provide developmentally and age-appropriate activities and materials, developing essential school readiness skills through exploration, investigation, and of course, fun! While it is extremely important to understand that all children develop at their own rate, below are some typical milestones you can expect to occur during the first years of growth.

Infants (3 - 12 months)

Development/ Emergent Literacy

  • Experiments with sounds and babbling, building language skills
• Uses voice to express feelings
• Uses speech-like sounds; may begin to say words


  • Exhibits some sense of size, color, and shape recognition of objects in immediate environment
• Understands objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen
• Stacks toys/objects

Learning About the World/Science

  • Explores the world around them through their senses
• Begins to explore food with hands
• Becomes more aware of cause and effect relationships

Social Emotional Development

  • Begins learning self-regulation and soothing skills
• Differentiates between known people and strangers
• Plays more interactively with others (peek-a-boo)

Approaches to Learning

  • Focuses and reaches for objects
• Begins developing problem-solving skills
• Enjoys repetition of activities, practicing and figuring out how things work

Physical Health Development

  • Rolls over, grasps with both hands, and begins to sit with assistance
• Builds large muscles through crawling and standing
• Walks with adult support; may begin to walk alone


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