Learning from Parents

We believe in the magic of family involvement in a child’s happiness and success. As parents, you are the first and most important teachers in your little one’s life, and you are integral to their development. Research continues to show the importance of being involved in your child’s education, and we cherish the opportunity to collaborate with you on this beautiful journey of growth and exploration. Together, we can create a nurturing and joyful learning environment where your child will flourish, surrounded by love, support, and endless possibilities.

Learning from parents is essential to early childhood development

Get involved in your child’s education.

We invite you to partner with your child’s teacher and volunteer in your child’s class. Join in the classroom adventures and make wonderful memories by:

  • Providing materials and/or information requested in the Family Newsletter
  • Communicating with your child’s teacher about his or her strengths, needs, and interests
  • Making use of all family components sent home
  • Sharing your knowledge, culture, strengths, hobbies, and interests with your child’s class
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Engage your child in conversation.

Having meaningful conversations with your child every day will foster their language and social skills while introducing new words. Rather than asking a simple question about their day, try inquiring about what they enjoyed the most, encouraging open communication. Share your own highlights from the day and create beautiful moments you’ll cherish forever.

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Don’t forget to play and have fun.

Play is important for children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. When children have opportunities to practice new skills, the development of these skills advances. Below are some simple ways you can encourage your child’s development through play.

It may surprise you, but playing is crucial in nurturing your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Playing is a wonderful way for children to practice and refine their skills where having fun acts as positive reinforcement for continued development. Embrace the joy of play with your child, and together, watch them flourish and grow in the most delightful ways.

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  • Sing children’s songs and recite nursery rhymes, and encourage you child to join in.
  • Help your child to turn pages while reading together.
  • Build with blocks, cardboard boxes, or empty food boxes, ask your child to knock them down, then build another.


  • Encourage your child to name objects inside and outside.
  • Allow your child to freely explore drawing and painting.
  • Invite your child to help with simple tasks in the kitchen like pouring, stirring, shaping, etc.


  • Reinforce manners by asking your child to say “please” and “thank you”.
  • Brainstorm imaginative adventures together.
  • Count objects together like crackers, cereal, blocks, etc.


  • Provide opportunities to arrange objects in sequence.
  • Read stories with vivid illustrations and rhyming words.
  • Promote experimentation and test out your child’s theories.

All Ages

  • Read together to instill a love of books and learning.
  • Engage in make-believe play to strengthen memory, language, logical reasoning, imagination, and creativity, like having a tea party, acting out a story, etc.
  • When asking questions, wait 3–5 seconds to give your child time to process the question.
  • Empower your child by acknowledging and describing what children can do.
  • Support their efforts to try new activities rather than focus on performance.

Find the care that will help your child thrive.

As your child is learning and growing throughout the day, you can depend on us to provide a safe, encouraging environment. Giving parents peace of mind and children a place to thrive is what we do best!

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