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We offer a safe, nurturing environment where your child will be encouraged and guided, so they can feel secure, happy and loved while they learn in a community near you.

Bright futures start with a love of learning.

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about providing the highest quality of education and care, and we are proud to be a place where children can learn and grow. As curiosity-coaches and wonder-weavers, our educators guide children to be their best little selves. We believe that by nurturing a love of learning from an early age, we are setting the foundation for lifelong learning and development.

Discover the Wonders of Learning

Wonder Quest Adventure Summer Camp

Join us to embark on an exciting learning adventure this Summer Break! Our kid’s day camp is meticulously crafted to blend excitement with education, ensuring your child enjoys a break filled with learning, exploration, and physical activity. Featuring 13 thrilling weekly themes, our camp is thoughtfully planned, implemented with enthusiasm and positivity, and designed to ignite the imagination of every child.

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Our goal is to provide age-appropriate programs that educate all our young learners and meet the needs and interests of each child. We want to help your child grow in all areas of life. Through daily activities and educational games and lessons, we provide comprehensive and supportive programs that make learning fun.


Hear from Happy Parents

Ann-Marie – Augusta, GA

They focus on getting to know our families to have a solid understanding of their needs and what is going on in their lives.

Gracie – Edmond, OK

I love this daycare! My 2 yr old has learned so much in the short time he has been there. He can tell me his ABCs and count to 15. He also knows how to sing various nursery rhymes which blows me away that he remembers the words. He has learned a lot more than he did at his last daycare. I like that they take the time to teach him and the other kids these things. We absolutely love this place!

Joel – Wilmington, NC

It’s a great experience to be able to drop my kids off in the morning and know that they are not only being taken care of by wonderful teachers, fed by an amazing cook, but taught. The school is lead by admin who truly care and you can see the heart they put into it because it trickles down through the teachers to the children.

Linda – Leland, NC

Both of my Granddaughters have come a long way. I am very impressed with the advancement they both have made. The teachers in each of the their classes have been exceptional with the learning techniques, their patience and time they have spent with each one of them. They are excited to bring home the things they have made and explaining the things they learned during each day.

Maria – Burleson, TX

The staff here is amazing! From the front desk to the teachers to the director. Everyone really cares for the children and make you feel like family. The children have a good and caring structure.

Roxann – Mustang, OK

I absolutely love our teachers and the whole staff at our school. They are wonderful people and truly love what they do. I can see the love they show to my child and it means the world to me.

Teanna – Evans, GA

I have been nothing but impressed with the care and services provided to my children at this center.

Artoya – Oklahoma City, OK

I like that tablets are available for the children to practice math to increase their knowledge.

Jeysika – High Point, NC

My experience has been amazing, my son has been attending since the age of 1 and all of his teachers have been exceptional regarding communication. My son’s developmental skills and potty training! Even the admin area has been awesome as well!

Mariah – Columbus, GA

I love how my daughter goes to school and come home what to demonstrate what she learned in class that day.

Yomi – Smyrna, GA

The ladies go above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter has grown and is thriving due to the teaching and training of the staff

Zaniyah – High Point, NC

We were very hesitant about placing our daughter in daycare but the teachers and staff has always made sure to welcome us and our daughter in the center, making her comfortable with everyone. Our daughter comes home daily with new things she has learned and stories about her day. She loves everyone at the center.

Sharonda – Raleigh, NC

The team here is awesome we are treated like family I feel as if they really love my baby. We moved here with no family and Ms.E has been great with helping us.

Arica – Mustang, OK

The caregivers are always teaching my baby new things. She comes home doing sign language pretty regularly. They are ALWAYS doing art, learning abc’s and animal noises.

Beau – Chattanooga, TN

This center has been an all-around excellent experience for our family! Our child comes home happy every day and we can always see that she is learning something. The staff has always been friendly and welcoming and you can see that they care about all the children. The directors have been communicative, helpful and friendly from day one! It is a blessing to know that we have this place to take our child every day where she is safe, loved, and in a positive learning environment!

Kelly – Elon, NC

I really love it here. Prior to my son attending here he would cry going to his previous daycare no stop. Here he loves going so much. The teachers and all staff are so kind . I couldn’t ask for a better place for my child. Apart from all this my son has has issues with his speech and has improved so much while attending here. I feel blessed to have such an amazing daycare for my son.

Heather – Evans, GA

We have had both of our children enrolled here at different times. They still ask about our eldest, who no longer attends! They make a lasting relationship with the families here and are super easy to work with. Our youngest is constantly progressing and learning new things thru their curriculum. We are thankful for the support and attention they provide.

Tana – Marietta, GA

I’m very pleased with the facility my child attends. They are very caring and they keep the facility very clean. I love the way they decorate and coordinate everything. The staff are very attentive to our needs.

Sara – Evans, GA

We have been very pleased with the overall experience with the facility and staff. Even when short-staffed, they worked with us to ensure that all children were taken care of. I always feel welcome when entering, and I am thankful for the love that they show my two daughters each and every day!

Amber – Opelika, AL

I have been happy with my daycare since day one. I’m sure they love all the kids, but I wouldn’t know that my son isn’t there favorite by the way he and I are greeted every morning. They are good to my son and that means the world to me. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ashlynn – Pensacola, FL

They are so good with the kids that attend here! The school Director and all of the teachers are so friendly and treat the kids as if they are theirs. My son wasn’t talking before enrolling him and not even 2 months later he was talking and started showing us truly how much he was learning at daycare. They are super clean and keep you up to date with your child’s activities throughout the day. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a daycare!

Danielle – Virginia Beach, VA

I love Childcare Network. My oldest child was acting out at another daycare because he wasn’t being engaged and learning anything. We’ve been at childcare network for almost 3 months, and he has done a whole 360 turn around and he is learning. He loves school again.

Lynette – Valdosta, GA

My 3 children attend this facility. They are amazing with the children. My kids have progressed so much since they’ve started and I absolutely love the way they care and love my children. The teachers are friendly and amazing and the Director is kind and understanding. They are very welcoming and are always willing to assist. I love the programs they have available as well. I wouldn’t trade them for any other.

Marvina – Jacksonville NC

Childcare Network took great care of my child from an infant to school age. Never had any issues or complaints.

Shanee – Conyers, GA

Let me start by saying that both of my daughters have attended this school. Hands down, I wouldn’t have sent my children anywhere else. The director and the teachers adore my daughters, making me feel like I’m leaving them with trusted family. Both of my daughters have loved their teachers. The teachers have created a safe space where the children can learn, grow, and be themselves. The school offers a curriculum that fosters creativity, social skills, and intellectual development. I appreciate that they stay in communication with me, whether by email, phone call, or even the app, where I’m kept up-to-date with daily reports, meals, activities, and any milestones she reaches.

Tommi – Dacula, GA

The teachers at the Dacula location are amazing! They have really turned into a second family to us! The almost five years that we have been with Childcare Network have been nothing short of excellence! I wish that we could bring them to Winder, GA where we live. I know that my son is going to miss all of his friends and teachers when he goes to kindergarten in august, as we live in Winder, GA; so, we will be looking for a new before and after school daycare. But none will compare to the friendliness, trustworthy and family-oriented atmosphere at the Childcare Network of Dacula!!

Find the care that will help your child thrive.

As your child is learning and growing throughout the day, you can depend on us to provide a safe, encouraging environment. Giving parents peace of mind and children a place to thrive is what we do best!

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