Safe Transportation for Children

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Childcare Network is one of the only muilt-site providers with a school bus fleet. Our school buses are manufactured to the stringent federal motor vehicle safety standards, which require heavy gauge steel construction with side impact barriers. In addition to these requirements, we have equipped our buses with safety features to further enhance the overall safety of the vehicle. These optional features include a blinking strobe light to draw the attention of nearby drivers, seat belts, and 'child scan.'

Child scan is an electronic reminder system that requires the driver to walk from the front to the rear of the bus to disengage the system after the ignition has been turned off. The child scan system helps remind the driver to make a visual check from front to back of the bus for lost articles and any passengers that have not exited the bus. As you can clearly see, Childcare Network is committed to providing the safest transportation possible. Just another reason why we believe Childcare Network is right for you and your family.

When considering a program for your child that would involve transportation, you should seriously evaluate the program's transportation system and procedures.

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