Childcare Network #189 :: Benton AR
Lorraine Hicks
February 2018
I would recommend to anyone. Directors and staff are always helpful. We use for after school care and summers. When kids arrive after school they are greeted with a snack and summer program are filled with weekly themed activities and at least 1 trip per week. Great job all of you at Childcare Network!

My son absolutely loves going each day. So far all the teachers i have met have been great. I was nervous about leaving my child for the day, but seeing how happy he is when he sees his teachers and friends makes me feel so much better than i thought i would. The center uses an app to log everything for the day and I love being able to check in on my child and see how things are going. The center welcomes parents to be involved and i have been able to stop in and hang out with my baby during the day.

Childcare Network #53 :: Charlotte NC
Angela Tobin
February 2018
The learning, staff and directors are so amazing. If you are looking for a childcare for your child look no further, give Mrs. LaToya a call to enroll. I promise you will not be disappointed and will see so much growth in your child within weeks.

Great experience at Childcare Network so far. The director took her time explaining everything to me and gave me a tour of the facility the first time I visited. My three year old son goes there and was greeted warmly by the other children and teacher on his first day. Security is a top priority there and the director has direct line of sight for everyone that enters the locked area with the kids. I plan on enrolling my school age children in the summer program this year and recommend this center to anyone looking for great childcare at a more affordable price than the other centers in the area.

Childcare Network #59 :: Raleigh NC
DeAnna Price
February 2018
This daycare is by far the greatest! The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. The center is always clean! And the teachers are observant and actually pay attention to your child and care about their education. I have not one complaint. Awesome center!

Childcare network is one of the best daycares that my children have attended. My children are a lot more social and love telling me how their day is. Ms. Jennifer the director has been amazing ever since my children have started. She makes you feel at home and able to talk about anything you need. Whenever I have a question she answer it to the T. The staff is amazing with communicating of anything that goes on. I definitely will recommend this daycare.

Childcare Network #21 :: Savannah GA
Dyshawna Wilson
February 2018
Childcare Network 21 has been a great blessing to myself and my children. The love and care that my children receive helps me feel comfortable leaving them daily while I go to work.The last couple of months have been awesome and I'm truly thankful for this great staff. The entire staff is friendly and always welcoming. The director (Mrs. Jennifer) always goes the extra mile to help in the time of need. She is very good with communicating in a timely manner and trying her best to accommodate your needs. The staff at Childcare Network are very attentive with the children and are truly focused on their learning. My children have grown so much since attending this childcare center.The before and after care program is also beneficial to my work schedule. It allows me to drop my son off with my girls in the morning and the Childcare Network bus is able to drop him off and pick him up from school. I also love that they have a CNI app.This allow me to see details of my children's day. I am so happy that I chose this loving, safe, and fun, learning atmosphere for my children!

Absolutely Amazing! The staff are very friendly and knowledgable. You can definetly tell that they care about the children. I love this place and would definitely recommened this school.

My son has been at childcare network 121 since May 2016. I love this center and staff. He has shown great progress and started out in the KPA room with Mrs. Darline Helms where she prepared him extremely well for kindergarten!! This is a great center and i highly recommend it to parents.

Childcare Network #157 :: Greensboro NC
Marquieta Dungee
January 2018
My son has been going here for almost three years now. I have loved each and every one of his teachers they are awesome. I am always greeted by staff with a smile when I walk thru the doors everyday. Thank you to the whole staff for all that you do. And a special thanks to Ebony for always going the extra mile and being such a great help with my son and I.

Childcare Network #192 :: Conway AR
Marissa Jared
December 2017
It can be hard to find a daycare that you trust with your babies, but Childcare Network in Conway goes above and beyond. We absolutely love the facility and staff and our babe looks forward to seeing his favorite teachers every morning. Mrs. Adrian and Ms. LaRaven treat our little one like their own and provide a safe and fun atmosphere for him to spend the day in!

All of my kids enjoy coming to this center! The staff are professional and knowledgeable and diverse. Everyone is always welcoming! We love the parent communication app because it helps us connect during the day with the kids and information reminders. This is a wonderful center that is committed to providing a safe environment for all the kids. We could not be any happier :)

Childcare Network #162 :: Greensboro NC
Quaniqua Miles
September 2017
Everyone there is so friendly. You can tell they enjoy their jobs. It's a great place to take your kids!

Childcare Network #9 :: Columbus GA
Jessica Jarka
August 2017
Mrs. Mac and the staff at this daycare are incredible! My daughter comes home happy and is always learning something new! Absolutely love this daycare!

My son joined this school for KPA(Kindergarten Prep academy). I have seen lot of good behavioral differences and the teachers were so helpful in my son's growth throughout the year. He absolutely loved the school, made lot of friends and it definitely helped him to enhance his social skills,academic skills( writing and reading). Ms Joyce is a wonderful teacher, she has spent lot more time on our expectations and put effort in grooming him for Kindergarten next year. Ms Stephanie, Principal of the school always ready to assist us for any concerns. As a happy parent, I would recommend this school :).

Childcare Network #118 :: Ringgold GA
Heather Mahaffey
July 2017
In celebration of a great first week and that I haven't gone rogue and quit my job to stay home with Eleanor, I would like to bring donuts and coffee for all of the teachers (if that's ok of course). It means so much to me that your staff has kept me updated and been so kind and compassionate to me everytime I walk through the door or call. I know that my daughter is loved and well taken care of and that allows me to do my job during the day.

My daughter is in the infants class and she looks forward to school each day. Mrs.Raina is always waiting to greet her with a smile and Ms. Dallas is always there to play and teach through arts and crafts. Mrs. Enguday is awesome with my daughter and is very patient and kind, whether it's during mealtime or teaching her a new skill. They all keep her smiling! 

Childcare Network is the best. I love this facility for my children. The staff have very loving spirits and I trust that they will do right by my children. Proud Parent for 10 years strong!!! 

Childcare Network #245 :: Dacula GA
Annakin Johnson
April 2017
When I first registered my daughter at the Childcare Network, it was because of the convenience of the location. I did take a tour of the location before enrolling her and I was very much satisfied with the outcome of this choice. I am even more pleased with the care that is given to my daughter. Her teacher Ms. Elaine puts my mind at ease on a daily basis becuase I see the impact of her teaching in my child's performance. The staff as well are very professional.

My daughter has been going to Childcare network for 4 yrs . She loves her Teacher :)