Childcare Network #192 :: Conway AR
Sheila Beila
February 2017
My son absolutely loved it. Every day I picked him up he'd run to me smiling and happy because he had a great day with the amazing staff. It was a night and day difference in his behavior and overall happiness getting him out of the last one he'd went to and into this one. We moved to North Little Rock so we had to find a new daycare but if we were still in Conway my son would absolutely still be going here. Will never forget the teachers and staff here who know how to care for kids. Thanks for a great few years, Childcare Network!

I recommend this place, very good price and the teachers are very friendly, attentive with children and sociable with parents. All staff at Childcare Network # 180 is very helpful.

Childcare Network #20 :: Savannah GA
Jessica Ellis
February 2017
I love taking my daughter here. She is well taken care of and anytime an issue comes up, Tiffany (the director) addresses it immediately. They have excellent staff and are so convenient for anyone who lives in the Windsor Forest/coffee bluff area. I would definitely recommend this daycare!

Very happy with Childcare Network! My son (9 months)loves his teachers and when I go to check on him he is always happy and playing. I have showed up randomly many times and they are reading books or doing educational activities. We have reviewed many daycares in the area this location not only was priced well but I love that it is diverse.

Love Childcare Network! Mrs. Jennifer, Stephanie and all the ladies are wonderful with my 4yr old son :)

Childcare Network #10 :: Columbus GA
Brandon Peoples
February 2017
Excellent staff and noticeably clean and warm feeling through out.

Good staff. Knowledge of how to take care of kids when i took the tour for my infant. Looking forward to my 8 month old starting.

Childcare Network #166 :: Durham NC
Michael Bertner
January 2017
We love this daycare. Our son is always greeted by name by all of the staff; they communicate well with us, and he is always happy to be there.

Childcare Network #111 :: Pensacola FL
Autumn Landry
January 2017
Childcare Network 111: Hello, my 3 children go to this daycare. I love this place. I started going to Childcare Network since 2012 or 2013, on Langely Ave. Then my daughter got into school, wasn't planning on another child but here he is and I knew which daycare I would send him to. This place, this WONDERFUL place has shown ME AS A PARENT new ideas to help my children and to be a better PARENT. They are teaching my 2 year old numbers, letters, songs, body parts, and helping teach my little boy to potty train. I love the fact that if something happens to my babies that they will give me a call, and even if it's the smallest thing, I know what happened before I go to pick them up. I feel like a family, when I walk in the front doors.  I get a hello, good morning, how are you In the mornings along with a personal good morning to my child/children using their names. It happens when we leave also. They make it feel like a home. If the child is crying when you go to leave the teacher will comfort the child, to help make it easier. I couldn't have a better provider for my children. They treat me like family, and not a pay check. I know when dropping them off  my children are cared for, and well taken care of.

Childcare Network #147 :: Chatsworth GA
Krystal Taylor
January 2017
I chose a home based sitter for my son in order to save money and it almost costed us his life. I had severe anxiety on where to leave him after having such a terrible experience. I can honestly say in the 6 months he has been with childcare network we have not had any issues whatsoever. If anything happens throughout the day that's out of the ordinary they call and let me know right away. Just the other day he fell while playing and cut his mouth and they let me know as soon as it happened. They are extremely professional and I recommend them to ANYONE I know.

Childcare Network #232 :: Augusta GA
Asia Lewis
September 2016
My son attends the two year old class here and I love how involved they are with his development. His teacher is Ms Candice who my son adores. The staff is also great and I love that they serve healthy meals. My son is only two years old and is 65% potty trained and it's because of the extra help from his teachers. He is also speaking above an average two year old because of them. I really do enjoy sending my child to this facility.

Childcare Network #12 :: Valdosta GA
Chasity Mathis
August 2016
Childcare Network #12 is by far the best daycare you could have your child/children attend. All of the staff go above and beyond to care for the children and make sure the parents feel safe with leaving their child there.

amazing facility. helpful staff. very clean and secure business. my son loves going to school here. always happy to see the teachers. hands on learning activities. I would highly recommend this place for all parents.

I love all the changes that have been made here at CNI 261, the staff is always so willing to help and my children love it here.

My son has attended Childcare Network #78 in Burlington, NC since he was 10 months old! We have loved all of the teachers and the Director/Asst Director are the best around. Anytime I have questions, they are available and supportive. They also are good about providing information and having events to involve the parents. They are also involved with the classrooms themselves, which makes the difference. My son is in the Three classroom and we love Mrs.Jackie and Mrs.Ella!

Childcare Network #9 :: Columbus GA
Facebook Review
April 2016
CCN school number 9 in columbus, ga has the best teachers ever. My son is in the 2 yr old class and ms Bridget and ms Jessica are the best. He has been in daycare for 2 wks now and I was terribly afraid but they make it so much easier. When I ask my baby if he likes his class n his teachers he replies "yep." He wakes up every morning excited to go to daycare. Thx so much you all for making this working mom's life easier.

Stella is so happy here!

I am grateful that my daughter is in the capable hands of Childcare Network. She has had some great teachers, but I am so grateful for Ms. Stephanie. I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Stephanie with the class a couple weeks ago and she was so patient, caring, and engaging with the kids. I can't imagine how challenging it can be to work with a large group of 2 year olds each day, but she is really great with them. It feels good knowing that when I can't be with my daughter, she is with a teacher who genuinely cares about her. 

Childcare Network #267 :: Hampton GA
Tara Harley
February 2016
My child has attended Childcare Network since she was 6 weeks old and she is 8 years old now. Therefore, it goes without saying that I love this school! I have been very pleased with her growth and progress since she started. I value the fact that the staff cares so much about the children that are in their care.

Absolutely the best daycare! They have always been cooperative with the needs of my child. I am excited every day to see how my child is growing through the help of Childcare Network.