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6 weeks - 12 years
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Oklahoma City Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Samuel P.
June 2015
The director and staff were very nice and informative. They took the time to explain everything and gave a good tour of the facilities. The facilities look clean and orderly. I enrolled my 4 year old into the CdC. The main selling point for me is the fact that they do field trips. I want my child to go out to different places and enjoy herself, rather than be cooped up inside all day.

Ashley N.
May 2015
I just toured this facility last week and am amazed. I am having to switch daycares due to a timing change at my son's current daycare. I have been stressing about it. Upon touring this daycare I am much more at ease with changing his daycare. Everyone was so friendly. I received a lot of helpful information. You can tell just by visiting with the staff that they care for the children and what they learn. My son was given a gift bag before we left. I am looking forward to changing my son's school to them now. Very clean and well organized! Overall a fantastic experience.

Brandy J.
May 2015
This daycare seems like a safe and inviting place for kids of all ages. It was clean and bright and the kids seem very happy to be there. They seem to have plenty of learning activities to help the kids advance. I am very pleased with the experience I had after visiting.

Kristen A.
May 2015
I absolutely recommend this daycare to anyone in the area. They are so friendly and helpful. They always say good morning and the teachers are so friendly when I drop my child off. I couldn't ask for a more caring environment and I always feel safe leaving her there. They make sure they meet any expectations you have as a parent and encourage you to be a part of your child's day. Definitely recommend this daycare! You will LOVE it!

Christina A.
April 2015
I arrived late for my tour (closing time)... As a person who loves to clock out on time and get home to her family. I do not know that I myself would have received this very well. The staff was great! I was welcomed and taken on the tour anyway. The center was clean and people were sincerely happy and full of excitement about the interaction with children. The environment was filled with love for children and raising them to become successful as they enter into school age. Great people and place!!! We are excited about moving our child to this center.

Tiffany C.
April 2015
There are so many GREAT things I could say about Child Care Network but simply put...after a tour of the facility I absolutely knew this was the place I wanted my daughter to be.

Brayden B.
January 2015
I have never been in a child care facility that was so clean!! When you walk in, everything is so organized, structured, and you are immediately greeted by smiling faces. The first time I entered the facility it was unannounced and they were more than helpful and happy for me to be there. You could definatly tell they were genuine and love what they do. I would recommend this childcare center to anyone looking for a place where your child will be truly loved and taken care of.

Cindy B.
January 2015
We visited Childcare network and loved it!! The staff was very nice and helpful and the children all seemed to be very happy! What I really liked was everything was very clean and organized. Information about what the children do is listed on a board and they have lots of activities to keep the little ones busy.

Anna W.
January 2015
My kiddos started going to childcare network about 2 yrs ago. For unforseen circumstances, I ad to pull them out but not because of the facility. My kiddos love it there and I have yet to find a place where they get so well-treated and taken care of. They are about to start going here again and they are super excited. Love the staff and the facility is always clean. Looking forward to working with you guys again.

Melissa H.
January 2015
Everyone at Childcare Network are very helpful and my daughter really enjoys going there. The teachers are very nice and I know that she is learning. We are always greeted when we enter the door and it makes me very happy that my daughter enjoys going to school everyday.  All of the teachers are very nice and all of my questions are always answered. The center is always clean and the food that is served is nutritious and that makes me happy. I would recommend this school because I know that my daughter is getting the education that she needs to get her started.

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