Childcare Network #9

3009 University Avenue
Columbus, GA 31907

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 6:30 pm
6 weeks - 12 years
Call or Text Us 706-819-6297

Columbus Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Jennifer S.
April 2016
My youngest child attends school #9 on University Avenue and I absolutely love them!!! They really take care of my son. HIs teach Ms. Bridgett really seems to love him like her own. He tells me that he loves her and has fun playing with her. He is so excited to go to school every day. They have just been amazing and I am thankful to have them watch my son. Thank you to all the teachers at school #9 for all you do!

Jessica Jarka
August 2017
Mrs. Mac and the staff at this daycare are incredible! My daughter comes home happy and is always learning something new! Absolutely love this daycare!

ShaBreka Owens
August 2017
Staff is courteous, professional, and personable. Mrs Mac herself checked on my daughter's wellbeing after an incident that occurred away from the center. I appreciated the care and concern shown. My daughter thoroughly enjoys the after school program, and looks forward to attending daily.

Brandon Langley
August 2017
This place is awesome. My child currently goes here for PRE-K but my other two went before for Aftercare and Pre-k. The director is awesome and willing to work with you if problems may arise. The workers are very friendly and the kids really do love them. The only problem I have is that I didn't let my kids go here earlier. GREAT PLACE!!!!!!

Debri West
March 2017
I enjoy bringing my child to this facility. All of the staff and admins are warm and welcoming.

Kavonne Martin
January 2017
My youngest goes here and she loves her teachers. When I drop her she does even, she waits for Ms. Jessica for her breakfast. I have notice a big change in her since being here, she is less clingy to me and ready to explore. She is always talking to her teacher Ms. Bridget. She has learn so much in these pass 4 month with them.

Facebook Review
April 2016
CCN school number 9 in columbus, ga has the best teachers ever. My son is in the 2 yr old class and ms Bridget and ms Jessica are the best. He has been in daycare for 2 wks now and I was terribly afraid but they make it so much easier. When I ask my baby if he likes his class n his teachers he replies "yep." He wakes up every morning excited to go to daycare. Thx so much you all for making this working mom's life easier.

Facebook Review
April 2016
We have had a great experience at the Childcare Network on University Ave (number 9). We plan to keep our child in afterschool care when he goes to elementary school and enroll our infant when she's old enough.

Destinee E.
November 2015
When I visited Childcare#9 I was held up outside 5+mins because of perfect security. Every door was locked and no children were visible. I love that. As I was toured around the facility I was delighted to see two teachers in every class with happy students. The aroma form lunch smelled delicious. In the 3yr old room their bathroom was spotless as students were taking a restroom break before their nap. All the staff were great! I am definitely enrolling my son.

Christy C.
March 2016
The staff at Childcare Network #9 on University Ave. show lots of care and attention to my child. The staff are friendly, flexible, and understanding.

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