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Virginia Beach Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Lyanne Firmino
January 2018
My 2 yr old has been attending for about a week now and so far I have been very pleased. This is her first daycare experience and although the first day was filled with some tears, every day since has been significantly better. She has become quite attached to her teacher, Ms. Carilles, and it's comforting for me to see she likes her very much. I love the updates, pics, and daily reports I get from the daycare's app, the security and safety the daycare offers, and the computer check in and payment process parents can access in the front desk area. It's a very well run and organized facility and I'm glad we chose this daycare.

Patricia Heyl
May 2017
I have witnessed 3 nieces, 2 great nephews and a great niece go to childcare network and do very well both educationally and socially and emotionally. It is a safe caring place for children. Each day and activity is planned out.

Mary Landon
May 2017
My 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren have been so well cared for by everyone at Childcare network. They are constantly learning and advancing while having fun!

Ashlynn Thompson
May 2017
This school is absolutely amazing. It's a very nurturing environment, with the child's safety and wellbeing taking top priority. The high reach curriculum ensures that students aren't just having fun, but also learning as they do so. Everything about this school is great and I'm so glad my family members chose this school for their young ones.

Atrice Brock
May 2017
I did a tour of the daycare everyone was so friendly. The place is clean and the kids eat balanced meals! Needless to say my daughter will be attending childcarenetwork thus coming week! I highly recommend this place for anyone.

Ashley Petty
May 2017
My 3 year old daughter has been going here since March of this year. Her and I both love this school. The staff are nice and caring and I don't have to worry if she's being taken care of. In just a few months I can see the knowledge that she is being taught. She loves her teachers and the directors Ms. Nikki, and Ms. Debbie.

S Hizer
May 2017
Every single member of the staff at Childcare Network is friendly, professional and caring! As a retired service member and current military spouse, we have moved around quite a bit and have had the children in many different daycares. Childcare Network is head and shoulders above all the rest!

Rachel Slifer
May 2017
My daughter has been here over two years, love all of the teachers & the staff! They make it easy leaving her while I'm at work everyday!

Kristina Byrd
June 2016
I absolutely love this daycare. I was a stay at home mom for 3 years and this was the first daycare my son had been to. He loves going to "school" everyday. They treat the kids and parents like family. We get cheerful greetings every morning we come in. They also teach the children so much! I couldn't be any happier with Childcare Network #62!

Lauren S.
November 2015
Verry happy with this daycare. We recently moved from Portland and my son loved his daycare there. We initally went with another daycare here and we were not happy with them at all! My son was not adjusting after about a month and would cry no, no no when we pulled up. When we came to Childcare Network Ms. Niki was warm and welcoming. I immediately felt very comfortable there. Without even asking they suggested placing him in the 2's room since he was almost 2 and I had expressed my concerns with him having difficulty adjusting at the previous facility. He adjusted there in about a week! It was night and day! He likes going to school again and is happy when we pick him up. Its such a relief after having such a bad experience at the other daycare. We love it here and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent daycare that really cares about the kids!

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