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Denton Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

August 2017
My child has been with this daycare since July and is in the toddler class with the wonderful Ms. Ashley. She is doing sign language saying 123's and ABC's. I love the environment and other staff as well. Like any place of business there's ups and downs but overall GREAT place to send your LITTLE LOVED ONE!!!!! GREAT Job #262!

Kelly Buchhoz
May 2017
When we started taking our girls here it was Children's Lighthouse but quickly switched over to Childcare Network. There have been some ups and downs since we started but things have made a turn for the better. There is a new director name Kerry who I think has made some great changes and improvements. She has a great open door policy where I feel that if something needed to be addressed I would be able to talk to her and it be handled. My 5 year old is in Mrs. Nwiba's class which has also had Miss Dora in it helping out. My daughter loves her teachers so much! This class is absolutely wonderful! My daughter has done so well in this class and I could not be happier. My 3 year old is in Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Cynthia's class. Both of these teachers are great and show my girl lots of love and teach her new things everyday. The front end staff is great!! They are friendly and always there to answer questions or help out. There have been a few new teachers come in that my kids seem to love as well and of course if my kids like them, I like them ;-)

Haley Mariam
May 2017
We Started with this facility in 2014 and have had a few ups and downs along the way which is to be expected with any experience. I would venture to say we as parents of a 10 month old and 3 year old do express our concerns very open and honest with our Director, Assistant Director and Teachers. We have had a very Positive experience with this communication. Our Facility Director Kerry has been nothing short of Amazing. I appreciate her willingness to listen and address our concerns head on. Kerry (director) and Cierra (assistant Dir) really do care and do address everything you bring to them. As a family we are sort of Old School and want our kids to learn and attempt as much as we can to provide a home that they learn to excel in and not allow them to just watch TV or play with Technology. Kerry is very much a reader and has a high interest in books and learning and we love that about her. This facility has come so far in a positive direction since Kerry has come to join us and we look forward to things to come. There is a care for the kids, families and employees which really make a difference. We want our babies safe and learning and I feel that nothing is perfect but we know at the end of the day our teachers we have now and the staff at this center have that in mind and really are striving for the best.

Haleigh Freeman
May 2017
My two year old son has atteneded childcare Network since he was 3 months old. I was always very skeptical about daycare, I did not want to place my child in a facility that just "babysat" my son. I wanted more, I wanted him to engage in activities that are beneficial to both him and I. This center goes above and beyond to make sure my expectations are met. Now, He always comes home counting, singing songs, and saying his ABC's.I could not be more happier with the atmosphere, the staff and management. They're always so positive and uplifting, always listens to my concerns and makes sure our needs are met. They definitely reassured me and made me feel that my son is in the right care!!

Vanessa Longoria
April 2017
The staff is always friendly and they really care for the kids.

Christie Govan
March 2017
One of the best in Denton. I love having confidence in those caring for my 3 kids. My youngest started at 6 weeks and I had no worries, they provide before and after school care helping me all the way around.

Jacob Dooley
March 2017
I may be partial because I am a past employee and my mom is the director. I can say without a doubt this is hands down the only place I would take my child. He is currently in the Ready2Learn class and has been with Childcare Network since he was 2 months old. I love the curriculum they use but even more important I love how it's more than a school. He has built relationships with other children and his teachers that will last a lifetime. It's so much more than his school. This is a family. Kuerstin marzahl

Bri Mcclintock
February 2017
My kids have gone to this school (#262) for 8.5 years, my older 2 kids love the schoolers class and all the activities they offer, and are looking forward to the summer activities they have planned. The teachers are so good about making sure all my kids do their homework and have a fun time! My youngest is 3 she is in room 7 and is doing so good, she comes home taking about what all she has learned and loves to go to school. This facility has thrived so much with the changes that have come about in the last few months. I feel like the Director and Asst. Director work really well with each other and do their best to make all of us parents feel comfortable! These two are the best thing to happen to this school, you can tell they truly care about their staff, parents and the children!! I love this school and would recommend it to all who are looking for care.

Camillia McCary
January 2017
I have noticed a positive change in this establishment sense the new director Ms. Kerri has started a few months ago. In the past I felt I was not always informed of things that were going on in the daycare, and now there are always notices posted when things are going on or if a child has been diagnosed with something, so that the parents are informed. I have also notice a change in staff. The new staff are very informative on my child's behavior and what she did through out the day. I find great comfort in this daycare that while I am at work I know my child is in good hands.

Prescilla Sim
January 2017
My daughter has been attending this daycare for almost two years. The teachers that she has had have all been really great. The Assistant manager is always so helpful when I call with any of my concerns. They did get a new director, Kerri(may have misspelled ) She has been wonderful!! They have changed a lot since shes been there , in the best way. I'm so glad I chose this daycare!

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