Childcare Network #164

5038 Styers Ferry Road
Lewisville, NC 27023

Monday - Friday
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
6 weeks - 12 years
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Lewisville Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Jana Sorrell
January 2017
We have been very happy with all of the staff and cleanliness of the facility. It is very obvious the employees have their hearts in this place. Nothing like peace of mind for childcare!

Erin Pickard
January 2017
My three year old had been attending Childcare Network #164 since she was one. She loves it and so do we! The teachers are wonderful and treat her like she's their own. She's learned SO much and she's excited every day while she tells us about her day. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that your child is safe, loved, and learning every single day she's at daycare.

Penny Spernoga
January 2017
I love how my children are excited to go to school every morning! I know that their teachers care for them as if they were their own by how much my boys love it!

Heather Revis
January 2017
Childcare Network has been such a wonderful place to send my children. The staff is kind and patient and my children have learned so much there!

Samantha Tally
January 2017
My 3 yo loves her teachers. They help us to reinforce skills we are working on at home. When she completes them she tells me her teachers will be proud of her.

Gena Groves-Neal
January 2017
CN #164 has been a wonderful experience for my almost 3-year-old. She started at 9 months old and the teachers have truly helped to shape her. They taught her to use a cup, utensils, how to share, sit at a table and enforced what we were doing at home with potty training. Now in the older classes she is reading books and learning new songs and games. She looks so forward to going to school! I also have a 5-month-old that just started and I know he is is great hands. He smiles at his teachers and is perfectly content to be left there each morning. The KidReport system updates allow me to follow both children's days with updates about toileting, snacks, diaper changes and nap times. I love our school!

Tinesha Hall
January 2017
My son started a week ago and has adjusted well. I was apprehensive at first but the teachers and staff have done a great job putting my mind at ease and most importantly providing quality care for my son. I am really pleased so far!

Jessica S.
February 2016
We love Childcare Network! Our kids have been there since they were both 7 weeks old and we have had excellent care in every classroom! The directors are friendly and accommodating. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. We love it!

Jennifer A.
February 2016
Our children (2) have been attending Childcare Network for 6 years. From babies to school age, the teachers and staff have always taken excellent care of our kids. When our oldest started Kindergarten last year I was so happy at how well prepared she was. Thank you Childcare Network for providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children.

Amanda G.
August 2015
Our family has been attending Childcare Network for 7 years!! (2 kids) They have both learned so much from the friendly caring staff and teachers at this facility and will be successful in Elementary school. We are SO happy with the knowledge our children have gained and will miss seeing everyone on a daily basis.

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