It has been a very positive experience for myself and my child. Her first time in daycare has been amazing. The directors and teachers have gone over and above my expectations. Everyone is so positive, friendly, and helpful.

It has been a very smooth transition for my child because of the wonderful staff!

Jamie Murphy
December 2017
I am really proud to say that I send my kid to Childcare Network 192. When my family and I moved here from NE Arkansas I was so nervous to find a new daycare that my LO would enjoy and that I would feel comfortable with. I have to say though, Ms. LaRaven & Mrs. Adrian have really brought us in and made us feel like family. It's always nice to know my child loves them as he would any other family member.

Marissa Jared
December 2017
It can be hard to find a daycare that you trust with your babies, but Childcare Network in Conway goes above and beyond. We absolutely love the facility and staff and our babe looks forward to seeing his favorite teachers every morning. Mrs. Adrian and Ms. LaRaven treat our little one like their own and provide a safe and fun atmosphere for him to spend the day in!

This center always provides top-notch care to children who attend. They're truly the working parent's best friend, even washing blankies for naptime and swimwear during the summer. They work very well with other professionals, so children who need any special services are able to receive them on-site. The center hosts programs such Soccer Shots and Computer Pals (for an additional fee), which give children access to even more educational and enrichment activities. The curriculum is thoughtful and well-designed, and children are always talking about what they've learned each day. The staff take great care of the kids, providing plenty of love and nurturing while caregivers are at work. If parents or caregivers want to come visit or check in during the day, the door is always open and they're welcomed. Great center, great admin & staff!

We love Childcare Network #176! My daughters started at Childcare Network over the summer at the ages of 2 and 9 months. We were extremely nervous about putting them in childcare for the first time, but the teachers and staff made the transition easier for both parents and kids. They are a talented and caring group of people and our kids love going there. My 2 year old always talks about how she wants to go to school and see her teachers and names every one of them! They have helped us with everything from getting our girls off the bottle to potty training. I don't know what we would do without them. I also love seeing my girls come home and sharing with me everything they have learned during the day. I would highly recommend this center and hope to keep my kids here until they enter Kindergarten.

My daughter has been going to this daycare since she was about 6 months old she is now 2 and I've loved it every step of the way, the staff is friendly and helpful and very knowldegable and I feel that my child is in good hands and a safe enviornment with the cameras being monitored 24/7!

Love childcare network! My oldest two daughters have gone there, with one of them attending for the summer camp. So well organized and the teachers are great. You can tell that the director loves what dhe does and it's not just a "job" to her. ?

Truly works to be the family best friends. This group of ladies are so patient and have been a continual blessing to us and our boys

My son is 2 1/2 and he loves his teacher and the staff. They are very patient and spend time with my son helping him with his delvopment. I would recommend Childcare network to anyone who is looking for a place for their child to develop social skills and learn.

I absolutely love my my child's classroom. He is learning so much. He can write his name and even color inside the lines. He is becoming more independent. He is beginning to learn how to read. The environment is nuturing and inviting. I love the fact that his teacher pays attention to the little things. It means a lot to me as a parent that I can trust his teachers while I am not there. He is in great hands.

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